Our Company

Our Company


First National Insurance Public (FNIP) was established in 2012.  With a strong management team and insurance professionals on board, FNIP has set out to become the largest insurance provider of both Life & Non-life assurance industry.

Myanmar Insurance Market has been drawing attention from worldwide as an emerging frontier market. With 99.5% of the population lacking life protection, the insurance market has a lot of potential to grow in the near future.

First National Insurance is delightful in stating that it is a privilege to play a critical role in Myanmar social & economic reform by assuring peace of mind & promoting prosperity across nationwide. 


To be a leading Insurance Company in Myanmar Insurance Industry by fostering Industrial & Economic Growth as well as improving quality of peoples’ lives


To help our customers to protect their risks and to achieve financial advantages with peace of mind.


  • People
  • Integrity
  • Dedication
  • Team Spirit
  • Customer Centricity
  • Respect & courtesy
  • Innovation


  1.    Identifying priority markets with potential to grow
    • Focus on major Cities which comprise Myanmar’s Largest Life & Non-life markets
  2.    Expanding our geographic focus to cover the untapped parts of the country
    • Opening branch Offices
    • Promoting Brand Awareness
  3.   Taking advantage of Life & Non-life combination
    • Product bundles under the same brand
    • New products that can better provide our customers’ needs.
  4.   Building up our competitive advantage by focusing on marketing and distribution,  technology , management & financial planning


Through innovative product design & dedication to meet our customers’ needs, FNIP has positioned ourselves as the powerful regional insurance provider.


  1. 1Comprehensive Motor Insurance
  2. 2Fire Insurance
  3. 3Cash-in-Safe
  4. 4Cash in Transit
  5. 5Fidelity
  6. 6Life Assurance

Our lines of business are not limited to these. We will launch new product lines in the near future as we move forward.


We put focus on the following areas as we believe these areas are our core strengths in delivering our services:

  1. 1Identifying customer needs
  2. 2Promoting  Insurance awareness
  3. 3Managing customer's risk
  4. 4Responsive Claims Center
  5. 5Innovative Information & Technology
  6. 6Call Center

Our competitive advantage is that our services are prompt, and incorporate automated technology that will greatly reduce time & error in both underwriting & claim operations.



In compliance with international regulations & norms of conduct and to become a recognized member of UNGC (United Nations Global Compact)


  1. Promoting social value by providing insurance solutions to address customers needs in respect of financial & health
  2. Spreading Insurance knowledge among the society to encourage better living standards
  3. Participation in the cause to encourage the well-being of ecosystem
  4. Striving to engage our shareholders to establish trust with FNIP
  5. Maintaining transparency and creating FNIP as a safe place for our customers


Our code of conduct is strongly tied to our values, beliefs and based on high business ethics. 

  1. 1Fairness in all areas of operations
  2. 2Anti-Corruption
  3. 3Protection of assets
  4. 4Transparency
  5. 5Good communication with stakeholders
  6. 6Fraud and Crime Prevention
  7. 7Anti-discrimination