Product Information

This class of insurance compensates for accidental injury, permanent disability, insanity and death of the Insured – Farmers and their family members.

Who can insure -           Farmers, their family members, relatives who aging from 16 to 65 years with healthy
Sum Insured -           Minimum MMK 100,000/- million up to MMK 5 million
Term (Duration) -           1 year
Premium -           1% of the Sum Insured
Benefits attainable under the Farmer Life Insurance
1. In the case of death, insanity, and permanent disability, the Sum Insured amount will be paid to the beneficiary a lump sum.beneficiary a lump sum.
2. In the case of injury, the percentage ratios of the sum insured amount will be paid by the physician’s recommendation.
3. In the case of hospitalization by accidental injury, the compensation will be paid as MMK 2000/- for 1 unit per day for up to 5 days per time and
  maximum 3 times during the insured period.
4 The claim need to submit within (30) days of the Claim event occurs.
1. Suicide
2. Injury, disablement or death caused by committing in criminal offenses
3. Injury, disablement or death caused by using narcotic drugs
4. Expenses for wearing hearing aids
5. Fraudulent Claims
6. Expenses for diagnosis and rest
7. Expenses for treatment taken for Conception
8. Dental treatment costs, regardless of accidental injury
9. Eye Caring Treatment costs, regardless of accidental injury
10. Surgery cost for beauty
11. Treatment cost for Congenital disorders
12. Claim submitting after 1 year of the Claim occurs
If you want to buy insurance,
Please contact FNI Head Office or Branches and Insurance Agents dealing with FNI.