Product Information

Sportsman Personal Accident Insurance

This type of insurance provides compensation for injury and death sustained by Sportsman while being engaged in Training and sports Competition.

Who can be insured?    =    Sportsman aged from 10 to 60 years
Term (duration) =    One year
Sum insured =    1 Unit = kyats one million. Up to 5 Units can be purchased.
Premium Rate =    Kyats 5000/- for One Unit

            In the event of the Sportsman covered by Sportsman personal Accident Insurance going abroad to take part in sports Competition, they are required to pay additional premium of kyats 500/- for a short period of 7 days and kyat 1000/- for one month.

Benefits attainable under this Insurance

Following Compensations will be paid per Unit for Injuries and Deaths.

1. Death (will be paid for the Beneficiary)
2. Total Disability 1,000,000/-
3. Total Blindness of one eye 500,000/-
4. Physical Severance of one hand 500,000/-
5. Physical Severance of one Leg  500,000/-
6. Fracture of one Hand 200,000/-
7. Fracture of one Leg 200,000/-
8. Total Deafness of one Ear 200,000/-
9. Hospitalization (one week) 10,000/- (Up to 52 weeks)
After one compensation has been paid within the term of the insurance, new Insurance (Units) must be purchased.


            Injuries caused by criminal offence, narcotics, liquor and self-inflicted injury and ordinary inflicted injury and ordinary inflammation, bruises and abrasions of Boxing, Judo, Karate and Martial Art Sportspersons are not covered by this Insurance.

If you want to insure

Please contact F.N.I head-office or its branches and insurance agents dealing with F.N.I.

In the event of insured Sportsman being injured, contact the F.N.I immediately.