Terms and Conditions


1. In the event of the Insured ( insured against snake-bite) dying of the snake-bite during the currency of this insurance the benefit
  of ks 500,000/- (kyats five hundred thousand only) will be paid to the assignee.
2. In the event of the Insured’s hospitalization at a hospital or clinic necessitated by a snake-bite medically treated because of
  a snake-bite, then death claim only will be paid.)
3. Where a snake-bite causes total loss of all sight in both eyes or all types of paralysis only, without causing death the benefit
  of up to ks 250,000/- (kyats two hundred fifty thousand only) will be disbursed on recommendation by the health department.
4. For injuries other than those mentioned above the benefit will be disbursed in accordance with percentages set out
  in the Third Liability Insurance Rules.
5. When medical expenses are disbursed, a sum of ks 500/- (kyats five hundred only) will be deducted therefrom to buy a new snake-bite
  insurance certificate to attach from the date of the disbursement.
6. No benefit is payable for death, bodily injury and medical treatment caused otherwise than by snake-bite.
7. In the event of being snake-bitten the Insured shall take treatment at the nearest village-tract health centre or township hospital and
  the benefit shall be claimed within 6 months form the date of the snake-bite together with recommendations, testimonials and receipts
  from the ward/village administrative office and health department. In case of death, death certificate shall be together submitted.

In no case total sum of the benefits shall exceed ks 500,000/- (kyats five hundred thousand only) for death and ks 250,000/- (kyats two hundred fifty thousand only) for bodily injuries referred to in Condition 3.Those fixed percentages shall not be exceeded in respect in respect of bodily injuries contained in Condition 4.