Product Information

Snakebite Insurance

Thistype ofinsuranceprovides compensation for injury and death caused by the bite of a snake.

Who can insure? : Every Person
Sum Insured :1 unit= 500,000 Kyats (Maximum 10 Units can be purchased)
Term (duration) : 1 Year
Premium Rate :1 Unit = 500 Kyats
Benefits attainable under Snakebite Insurance
For (1) unit of Snakebite Insurance,
  • The sum insured amount will be paidto their beneficiary if the Insured dies by the bite of a snake 
  •  Ks 80,000 will be paidfor Hospitalization Cost if hospitalized
  • At most Ks 250,000 will be paid for Loss of vision (both eyes) and hemiplegia (paralysis of one side of the body) 
  with recommendation of  the Department of Medical Services though the Insured did notdiedthe bite of a snake
  Benefits will be achieved according to the units.
Snakebite Insurance Conditions
  • Benefits will not attainable injury, death and medical treatment regardless of the bite of a snake
  • The Insured needs to submit Claim Form with required documents within 6 months from the day of the bite of snake
If you want to buy Snakebite Insurance,
Please contact F.N.I Head office or its branches or agents dealing with F.N.I.