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Personal Accident Insurance

This class of insurance provides compensations for injury, disablement and death resulting from accidental bodily injury caused by external visible means.

Who can insure -           People who are aging between 16 and 65 years with healthy
Sum Insured -           At least MMK 5 million up to 20 million or USD 1000 up to 200,000/-
Term (Duration) -           3 Months or 6 Months or 1 year
Premium -           0.7% of the Sum Insured for one year
  For the Insured who work with risky professionally, the premium will be charged 1% of 
  the Sum Insured (eg. Militaries, policemen, cabin crews, firefighters, etc.;)
Personal Accident Insurance Policy Condition
1. For the following case benefits under Personal Accident are not attainable,
  a)  Injury, disablement or death caused by intentionally self-inflicted 
  b)  Injury, disablement or death caused by using narcotic drugs
  c) Disablement or death caused by diseases
  d) Injury, disablement or death caused by terrorism, riot, war and warlike operations
  e) Injury, disablement or death caused by committing in criminal offenses
  f) Injury, disablement or death caused by violence inflicted by other persons
2. This insurance shall be paid the compensations for injury, disablement, death through after 3 months and before 4 months
  connectivity the accident occurred with conclusive evidences.
3. The Insured need to inform within 14 days when the Claim event occurs and submit a Claim Form with required documents.
4. In consideration of the case, we do the post-mortem examination by the company's physician.
5. In consideration of the Policy Termination by Company, the Company will be refunded premium with pro rata rate.
6. The maximum benefit limit of the policy is the Sum Insured amount.
7. In consideration of disablement benefit not combined with other benefits.

If you want to buy insurance,

Please contact FNI Head office and branches or agents dealing with FNI.