Product Information

Health Insurance

This class of insurance provides to a certain extent costs of hospitalization necessitated by an accident or a disease

Who can insure?             Those aged from 6 to 65 years (Parents/guardians can buy this insurance for those between from 6 to 18 years of age)
Term (duration) =          One year
Premium Rate =          kyats 50,000/- per unit. Up to 5 units can be purchased from all insurance companies.

Benefits are attainable as follows:-

For one unit buyer:-

  1. In the case of hospitalization of the Insured necessitated by a disease or injuries during the insurance period kyats 15,000/- per day up to 30 days in a year will be paid.
  2. In the case of an accidental death to the Insured in the insurance period, the beneficiary will be paid a death benefit of kyats one million only.
  3. If the Insured dies, while or after being hospitalized due to a disease the beneficiary will be entitled to the maximum benefit of kyats one million only including the hospitalization costs.
  4. Benefits are attainable, based on the number of unit purchased.

Owing to the following causes/reasons Benefits under the Health Insurance are not attainable.

  1. Child birth, miscarriage/abortion and hospitalization necessitated by pregnancy complication.
  2. Those after being treated and certified by the physician to be hospitalized. Those with symptoms of disease.
  3. Insanity Treatment taken for mental diseases.
  4. Diagnosis.
  5. Treatment taken for conception.
  6. Dental treatment unrelated to accidental injuries.
  7. Eye test including spectacles unrelated to accidental injuries
  8. Operational surgery for beauty at the Insured’s instigation.
  9. Hearing and inserting
  10. Born disfigurement disease (or) Surgery for disfigurement.
  11. Treatment taken for accidental injury caused by use of narcotic drugs. Death so caused.
  12. Treatments taken for injury sustained in committing a crime. Death so caused.
  13. Treatment taken for AIDS/HIV. Death so caused.
  14. Treatment taken abroad. Death so caused.
  15. Treatment, injury and death occasioned by terrorism, riot, war and warlike operations.
  16. Treatments not exceeding 3 days of hospitalization.
  17. Fraudulent claims.

If you want to buy Health Insurance.

Please contact F.N.I head-office or its branches and insurance agents dealing with the F.N.I

            In the case of hospitalization because of a disease or injury, contact the F.N.I immediately.