Product Information

Endowment Life Insurance


This class of insurance provides Financial Assistance for your future peace of mind.

Who can insure? Those within 10 to 55 years of age.

Sum insured =          Minimum kyats 50,000/- to maximum kyats 30 million.
Term (duration) =          Minimum 5 years
Premium Rate =          Premiums are payable, based on Assured’s age, Sum insured 
              and term etc. Premiums can be paid in quarterly, half year and 
              yearly installments. The Proposer will be medically examined.


            The Sum insured will be paid to the Assured who is incapacitated by total Disability afflicted within the term to earn any income. For the other cases the compensation will be paid in proportion to percentage certified by the Physician. In the event of the Assured’s death within the term death claim (sum insured) will be paid to the Beneficiary. The Sum insured will be paid at the time of maturity, if there had been no claim within the term. After payment of premium for 2 and 3 consecutive years for 5 to 12 year-term and 13 year and above term policies, Loans are attainable.


            No Claim is payable for Disability caused by following:-

            Consumption or use of liquor, narcotics and dangerous drugs, venereal disease, intentionally self- inflicted injury attempted suicide (without causing death) and commission of criminal offence.

If you want to insure

Please contact F.N.I head-office or its branches and insurance agents dealing with F.N.I.