Highway Travel Insurance

Special Travel Insurance

            This type of insurance provides compensations for injuries and deaths sustained by passengers in accidents to the motor vehicle while travelling therein along the high ways.

Sum insured                =          kyats 3 million per Unit up to 2 Units can be purchased.

Term (duration)           =          24 hours from the start of the Departure.


Benefits attainable under the Special Travel Insurance

  1. If a Passenger having paid premium kyats 300/- for one Unit of the sum insured dies, then him/her Beneficiary (Assignee) will become entitled to Kyats 3-million compensation.
  2. In the case of injury, based on its severity and in accordance with the fixed rates, the insured Passenger is entitled to the compensation od up to kyats 2.4 million.


Requirements for the Special Travel Insurance

Highway Bus Lines    = Vehicle registration no, Seating Plan, Passengers list, their names and NRC nos, Destination and Time of departure.
Private Cars                = Vehicle registration no, occupants list and their NRC nos, Beneficiaries’
  names and their NRC nos. Destination and Time of departure.

            Only those Passengers who travel/journey from the Start of the up to the Destination (End) are entitled to compensations for Injury and Death caused directly or indirectly by Accidents to the motor vehicles while travelling therein.


Requirements for Claim

Injury  =      Certificate by the physician of the Township Health Department concerned.
  =      Certificate of the Myanmar Police Force from where the Accident occurs.
  =      True copy of the NRC of the Claimant (himself/herself)
  =      Special Travel Insurance Document for
Death  =      True copy of Death Certificate
  =      True copy of the Family List including names of the Deceased  and the Claimant is the Beneficiary of the Deceased.

In the event of Accident to the Vehicle, please contact F.N.I immediately.