Comprehensive Product Information

Comprehensive Motor Insurance

            The class of Insurance compensates for losses of or damage to the motor vehicles owned by you in the events of accident thereto.

Who can insurance? Motor vehicle owner or in – charge

Insurable types of motor vehicle =  Motor vehicles licensed by (Ka Nya Na) and mobile plants such as forklift, excavators, earth carriers.
Sum insured = Market price of the motor vehicle to be insured. (accessories and spare parts can also be insured)
Term (duration) = Minimum 3 months to maximum one year.
Premium rate = Premiums are charged, based on the sum insured, use and C.C of the vehicle

Privileges attainable under the Comprehensive Motor Insurance

Collision and overturning. Damage by fire, external explosion, self-ignition, lightning, malicious act, falling objects, strike, riot and civil commotion are covered. In addition deaths, injuries and damage to properties caused to Third Parties are also covered.

Additional Coverages

The following additional coverages are available together with the Comprehensive Motor Insurance.

No. Additional Coverage Premium Rates
1 War 0.05% of the sum insured
2 Natural Disasters 0.05% of the sum insured
3 Theft of the Vehicle 15% of the basic premium
4 Wind Screen Glass 5% of its value


Fleet Discount             : In the case of the same Insured insuring 10 or more motor vehicles at the same time, 10% of the basic premium will be reduced as Fleet Discount.

In case of accident to the insured vehicle, communicate with the F.N.I immediately.

No-Claim Bonus

            In case there is no claim within the one year period of insurance, following percentages will  be reduced from the basic premium as No-Claim Bonus on renewal.

No Term Private Cat Commercial Car and Motor Cycle
1 1st year    
2 2nd year      25% 15%
3 3rd year 30% 20%
4 4th year 40% 25%

            When the insured motor vehicle is sold, another vehicle belonging to the Insured can be insured in its stead.

Requirements for the Insurance = True copy of the Owner Book (valid). In the absence thereof  true copy of import license stamped with vehicle registration no. True copy Wheel Tax.

Payment of Claim 

            In the case of the total loss (damaged beyond repair) value of the car (not more than the sum insured) will be paid while for a partial loss the damage part will be repaired or replaced.

To insure your car; 

            Please contact F.N.I head-office or its branches or agents dealing with F.N.I.