Cash In Transit Insurance

Cash In Transit insurance

            This type of insurance enables the State and Private owned Businesses to recover their Lost Money when the same is lost by  Theft and Looting while their Money in hand are being carried and in Transit from one place to another.

Term (duration) = From 1 day to 1 year
Sum insured = The cash which would be conveyed from one place to another.  
    (During one year as conveyance of cash will be done daily to
  effect insurance thereon daily would be difficult. Accordingly 
  total amount of cash which would be conveyed during one year
  has to be estimated and stated. The maximum amount of Cash 
  to be conveyed per trip will be fixed to be the Sum insured.
Premium rate =          0.27 to 0.90% per kyats one thousand.


In the event of loss as regards the above-mentioned insurances Contact the F.N.I immediately.