FNI Myanmar

FAQ For Life Insurance

Who needs life Assurance?

Anyone who has a family to support, or who has anyone who is financially dependent on them.

How much protection do we need?

Studies have shown that in general, a family needs anywhere from 5 to 10 times their annual income to move on following the death of the breadwinner.

For instance, a construction worker earns about $500 annually in Myanmar. If he dies, his family or dependents would need $2500-$5000 to cover future expenses.

In the end, the amount of life insurance required depends on your lifestyle needs, as well as your future plans. Future plans include things such as children's education, home and mortgage loans, and other important financial considerations.

How can I apply for life Assurance?

You can contact our agents or our company directly to request an application form. We will explain the steps necessary to fill in the application. You can also check our website for application guidelines