Why FNI is a smart choice?

  • Simply because we understand our customers’ needs
  • Always strive to deliver the best solutions to our customers
  • We are available for you 24/7 (claims & enquiries)
  • Affordable price & Excellent Services  

Why we need insurance?

Life is full of surprises. Some of them are pleasant, and some are not. Imagine you are driving on the road safely; can you make sure that everyone else on the road is driving in a safe manner? The answer, unfortunately, is “No”. We know that accidents do happen every day. It is even more worrisome to think about the financial consequences of those events for everyone. This is why we need insurance. We want to live with our loved ones without having to worry about financial hardship. 

 We can never be sure what the future has in store for us. Life often takes unexpected turns, which can have unintended and negative financial results. In these cases, life assurance can protect us from financial ruin and help us maintain our lifestyle. The same goes for our cars, homes and properties. Insurance can restore them for you if you lose them. 

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FNI grand opening ceremony

Congratulations on FNI's Grand Opening Ceremony on 12th Aug 2013.

Launched our operations

FNI has successfully launched our operations on 24th June